Research Equipment

Research Equipment updated to Jan. 2017
Research Equipment updated to Jan. 2017
Light MicroscopyInverted / Upright Light Microscopy (LSE, BCF, Materials Eng.)

Fluorescent light microscopy (LSE, BCF)

Confocal laser scanning microscopy (LSE, BCF)

Light Sheet Fluorescence microscope (Zeiss Z1) (LSE)

High throughput automated slide scanner (BCF)

High Throughput High Content Imaging System with dedicated analysis software (GE InCell 2000) (LSE)

High throughput live cell imaging & analysis (Incucyte ZOOM) (BCF)

Histopathology slide preparation unit (BCF)

Electron microscopy biological specimen unit (BCF)


Materials Eng.
In Vivo ImagingIn vivo high throughput luminescence & fluorescence & X-RAY (Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina XRMS) (BCF)

In vivo ultra sound - VisualSonics Vevo 2100 (BCF)

In vivo anatomical MRI - Aspect M2 1T (BCF)

In vivo functional MRI - Bruker Biospec 9.4T (BCF)

In vivo NMR - Bruker Minispec body composition analyzer (BCF)
Image analysis and processing support4D analysis software: Bitplane IMARIS, image J, Image Pro, InCell Investigator, Miner, ZEN, LSM (LSE, BCF)

Personalized image analysis solutions, batch & macros, custom-made software (BCF, LSE)

Electron MicroscopySEM (+ with EDS, WDS and EBSD) (Materials Eng.)

High resolution SEM (Cryo-SEM+EDS) (TCEMSM)

Dual beam FIB (Materials Eng.)

S/TEM (+EDS, EELS) (Materials Eng.)

TEM (Materials Eng.)


Scanning Electron, Microscopy (SEM), TESCAN Vega-II (Chemistry)

HRSEM (+EDS, STEM and EBSD) (Materials Eng.)

HR-SEM Hitachi S-4700 and S-4800 (MNF&PU)

HR-TEM, cryo-TEM, (+STEM, Tomography, cryo-Tomography) (TCEMSM)
Materials Eng.

Chemical Eng.

Materials Eng.

Materials Eng.

Materials Eng.

Chemical Eng.


Materials Eng.


Scanning Probe MicroscopyAFM NSOM/AFM (STM/AFM) (Materials Eng.) (Solid State Ins. / Physics)

BioAFM (Biotechnology & Food Eng.)

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), (Veeco/Bruker, Dimension 3100) (Chemistry)

AFM Veeco DI-3000 (MNF&PU)
AFM Asylum Research/Oxford Instruments MFP-3D Infinity (MNF&PU)
Materials Eng. / Solid State Ins. Physics

Biotech. Eng.


Flow CytometryFACS Calibur (2 lasers) (BCF) (LSE)

BD LSR II with High Throughput system (4 lasers) (LSE)

BD FACS Aria-IIIu-sorter (5 laser) (BCF) (LSE)

Image Stream - Flow Imager (LSE)

CyAn ADP (3 lasers) (BCF)

BD FACS Fortessa (4 lasers) (BCF)

High-Throughput Stratedigm S1000EXi (4 lasers) (BCF)

Luminex MAGPIX (BCF)

Mass cytometry - CyTOF (BCF)

Analysis: Cytobank, FCS Express, FlowJO and ModFit data analysis software (LSE) (BCF)

GenomicsSequencing and Genotyping:
1.  Illumina HiSeq 1-Tera (TGC)
2.  Illumina HiSeq 2500 (TGC)
3.  Illumina NextSeq500 (BCF)
4.  Ion Torrent PGM (BCF)
5.  Illumina MiSeq (TGC)
6.  Microarray- Illumina HiScan (BCF)
7.  3500XL Genetic Analyzer (BCF)
8.  MinIon - Nanopore Technology sequencer (TGC)
9.  Fluidigm C1 - Automated solution for single cell genomics (TGC)
10. Agilent Bravo sample-preparation automation system for NGS (TGC)
11. Covaris - high throughput shearing system (TGC) (BCF)

Real-Time PCR:
1. Fluidigm BioMarkHD (BCF)
2. Qiagen Rotor Gene (BCF)
3. ABi 7300 (TGC) 
4. BioRad CFX96 (TGC)

CRISPR Genome Editing NEPA21 Electroporator (BCF)
Automated Electrophoresis-2200 TapeStation (LSE) (BCF)
DNA/RNA automated extraction: Qiacube (BCF)


Spectroscopy / SpectrometryMass Spectroscopy (Chemistry)

Micro Raman Spectroscopy (Solid State Ins. Physics)

XPS-X ray Photoelectron Spectrometry (Solid State Ins. Physics)

TOF-SIMS Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Ion ToF TOF SIMS V) (Solid State Ins. Physics)

Micro Raman (Chemistry) (with: hot/cold stage, poloraizers, UV laser), Horiba Jobin Yvon

Materials Characterization (Solid State Ins. Physics)

Advion expression compact mass spectrometer (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

Solid State Ins. Physics


Biomimetic Research Laboratory

X-rayHR XRD-High Resolution (RBNI)

X-ray Diffraction (Solid State Ins. Physics)

X-ray Diffractometer (Materials Eng.)

Solid Identification by X-ray (Physics)

Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) (Chemical Eng.)

X-Ray Single Crystal Diffraction (Chemistry)

Solid State Ins. Physics

Materials Eng.


Chemical Eng.

NMRNMR computer clusterChemistry
Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Bioinformatics & Biostatistics (BKU) (BCF)Biology

ProteomicsQ-Exactive Plus
LTQ Orbitrap XL
Elemental AnalysisThermo Scientific CHNS AnalyzerChemistry
Micro Nano Fabrication and Printing Unit (MNF&PU)PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY
1. i-line Stepper GCA Autostep 200
2. Laser Writer Heidelberg Instruments DWL 66+
3. Contact Mask Aligner with BSA system KARL SUSS MA6
4. Contact Mask Aligner KARL SUSS MJB3
5. Contact Mask Aligner KARL SUSS MJB3 with BSA
6. Automatic Coater Suss MicroTec Delta 80 RC
7. Automatic Developer Suss MicroTec Delta 8+
8. Vacuum Oven with NH3 YES-310TA(E) for reversal image
9. Dry Film Laminator JSE JSL-1200
10. Flood Exposure Tool OAI-150
11. Wet benches for resist coating, bakes and development
12. Wet benches for resist stripping and cleaning
13. Plasma Asher Axic HF-8
14. Plasma Asher YES G-1000

1. E-Beam Lithography Raith EBPG 5200

1. Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Plasma-Therm 790 (Fluorine Chemistry)
2. ICP Deep RIE Plasma-Therm Versaline (Fluorine Chemistry)
3. ICP Etcher Plasma-Therm Shuttleline (Chlorine Chemistry)
4. Wet etching benches (RCA clean, Buffered Oxide etch, Isotropic Silicon etch, Aluminium etch, Si3N4 etch, Anisotropic Silicon etch (KOH), Chromium etch)

1. Tube Furnaces BTI-Bruce RTRI-878 for Silicon Oxidation, Annealing, Phosphorus Diffusion, Low Pressure CVD of Si3N4, Poly-Si and SiO2
2. E-beam Evaporator Evatec BAK501
3. E-beam Evaporator Airco Temescal BJD 1800
4. E-beam Evaporator Airco Temescal FC 1800
5. E-beam Evaporator VST TFDS-184
6. Thermal Evaporator Vinci Technologies
7. Thermal Evaporator Edwards E306A
8. Sputter Deposition AJA International Inc. ATC 2200
9. Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition Ultratech/Cambridge Nanotech Fiji G2
10. Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Plasma-Therm Vision 410
11. Molecular Vapor Deposition AMTS 100E
12. Rapid Thermal Annealing Jipelec JetFirst 200C

1. Pad Printer Teca-Print TPX301
2. Wet benches for ink preparation with stirring plate and mixers
3. Viscometer Viscotech Myr VR 3000

1. HR-SEM Hitachi S-4700
2. HR-SEM Hitachi S-4800
3. Atomic Force Microscope DI-3000
4. Atomic Force Microscope Asylum Research/Oxford Instruments MFP-3D Infinity
5. Surface Profiler KLA Tencor P-6
6. Surface Profiler KLA Tencor 500
7. Surface Profiler KLA Tencor 200
8. Film thickness measurement Nanometrics AFT 2100 Nanospec
9. Ellipsometer Rudolph AutoEL II
10. Ellipsometer Gaertner L117
11. Ellipsometer Woollam VASE. Multi-layer measurements wave length 193-2500nm
12. Ellipsometer Woollam M-2000UI
13. Film stress measurement Tencor FLX-2320
14. C-V Plotter MDC
15. Four Point Probe Veeco FPP 5000
16. I-V probe station, Keithley 2400 I-V metter
17. CDs Optical Measurements Vickers micro-system
18. Optical Microscope Nikon Eclipse L200 with a camera
19. Optical Microscope Nikon with a camera
20. Optical Microscopes Olympus BX-60, SZ-11 with a camera
21. Optical Microscope Zeiss Axiotron
22. Contact Angle Goniometer Ramé-hart 200

1. Dicer Disco DAD3350
2. Wire Bonder TPT HB16
Nanomaterial Based DevicesProbe Station

Kelvin Probe



Research devices - production and repairMachine Workshop

Electronics Workshop

Low temperatureCryogenic PlantPhysics
MagnetismSQUID magnetometerPhysics
OtherLaser Microdissection Optical Tweezers (Chemical Eng. / RBNI)

Solar simulator (Materials Eng.)

Fermentors (Biotechnology & Food Eng.)

Isothermal titration calorimeter (ITC & DSC) (BCF)

Fluorescence transmited luminescence plate readers (BCF)

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer & Nano Drop (BCF)

Lyofilizer (BCF)

Sonicators & High-Pressure Homogenizer (BCF)

Centrifuges & Ultra centrifuges (BCF)

Incubator-Innova 4335 (BCF)

Phosphor Imager , Odyssey scanner (BCF)

Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) with ATR Bruker Tensor 27 (Chemistry)

Fluorometer (with chiller) Jobin Yvon Fluorolog-3 (Chemistry)

Spectrophotometer (with chiller) Shimadzu UV-1800 (Chemistry)

Spectrophotometer (with chiller) Varian Cary 50 Bio (Chemistry)

Elemental CHNS Analyzer Thermo Scientific Flash2000 (Chemistry)

Cring UV lamp RunWing Co. RW-UV.3BP (Chemistry)

Microwave reactor CEM Cop., Discover (Chemistry)

Light microscop with camera, Olympus BH2-UMA (Chemistry)

Oven (250 C) Fisher Scientific Ecocell (Chemistry)

Sputter coater Polaron (Chemistry)

Micro Balance Mettler Toledo Excellence Plus (Chemistry)

Laue camera (Chemistry)

Film Development (BCF)

Gamma & Beta radiation counters (BCF)

Imaging documentation system, Image Quant LAS4010 (BCF)

Bio-safety virus room (BCF)

Optical fiber Oxygen sensor (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

Preparatory reversed-phase HPLC (C18 column) (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

Analytical reversed-phase HPLC (C18 column) (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

Chiral column HPLC (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

Circular dichroism (CD) spectrometer (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

Lyofilizer (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)

Agilent 7820A Gas Chromatograpy (Biomimetic Research Laboratory)
Chemical Eng.


Materials Eng.

Biotechnology & Food Eng.


Biomimetic Research Laboratory